Purpose: contribute to solving major problems of the world

·        War: not support war

·        Environmental pollution: reduce environmental pollution to the lowest level without affecting human health

·        Natural disasters (earthquakes, tsunamis, storms, floods ...): overcome quickly and enough for people to stabilize their lives

·        Quickly and permanently solve the problem of poverty, lack of food, water and health

·        Minimize social evils: theft, fighting, fraud ...

·        Protection of wildlife

·        There are many free social benefits: medical examination and treatment, nursing homes, orphaned children, people with disabilities ...

·        People work according to their preferences, have accommodation according to their needs

·        Freedom of movement, opportunities to accomplish goals


We want to link many people around the world if you have this same purpose. Consumers have an important role in solving these problems. Consumers should prioritize the use the product of good farmers, good businesses, good countries...

Everyone should learn the nature of things around you (eating, exercising, medicine, work, money, time ...) to make your life more beautiful


Ø  Understanding the nature of things will help us to act rightly, to benefit yourselves and others, to avoid infringing upon the legitimate interests of others.

Ø  Consumers can proactively delete anyone, any business, any government, any organization ... .

Ø  Everyone should oppose the war in any goals. Gradual to help people in that area understand civilization

Ø  Limit the consumption of products causing much environmental pollution. Planting and protecting forests. No illegal timber consumption. Plant a lot of trees around you.

Ø  Helping people living in areas with natural disasters

Ø  Reduce the world population to be reasonable with future civilization by limiting birth. Should support products of poor countries, poor people. All people have the right to live anywhere on the earth they want, have the opportunity to do it. All people have the right to are subsidized when they cannot get a job. People have freedom of movement on earth.'s. Migrate from harsh lands to better lands.

Ø  People should help people who are fix so they don't have to do illegal things to make money. Prioritizing moral education for everyone. Do not consume products due to theft, smuggling, health damage, ...

Ø  If you make enough money, reduce your working time to give others the chance to work

Ø  Do not consume rare and precious animal products, limit the consumption of wild animal products

Ø  Everyone should be aware of the contribution to free many social benefits: medical examinations, nursing homes, orphaned children, people with disabilities ...


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